Get Pre-Approved!

Real estate agents will take your offer seriously

Have peace of mind that the bank is confident to lend you money

When you're looking to purchase a property, it is best to get a pre-approval from the lender of your choice before you start looking. Once you're pre-approved you have the confidence that the bank is happy to lend you money, and you can begin negotiating and making offers on suitable properties. Real estate agents will not take you seriously before you are pre-approved so get an edge over the other buyers, get pre-approved!

want to build your dream home, or an investment property?

Get a construction loan!

Build a property exactly the way you want it

If you are looking to build your own principal place of residence or investment property then a construction loan is the best way to do this. We have access to a large variety of construction loans, let us focus on financing your construction so that you can focus on finding the right builder.


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can a parent or family member be a guarantor?

No/low deposit with a guarantor

Get into the property market faster

If you have a parent or close family member that wants to help you succeed they can be a guarantor for your new property purchase. In doing this some lenders will allow you to purchase a property with a 0% deposit, by using your guarantor's property as security. The guarantor will be released from your loan when your loan is less than 80% of the value of the property. This can happen from either reducing your debt, or your property increasing in value – or in most cases, both happening simultaneously.

how much of a deposit do I need to purchase?

5% deposit

Don't forget about additional purchase costs

When purchasing a property, you will need a minimum of a 5% deposit in most cases. The deposit amount can vary between banks, so your broker can help with finding out which bank could be the best fit for you. There are other purchasing costs involved with a property, lenders charge ‘lenders mortgage insurance’ when you have less than a 20% deposit.